Dating d Ærø

As one of the islands making up the South Funen Archipelago, Ærø is favoured by particularly fine weather.

It enjoys a higher number of sunshine hours than the average for the rest of Denmark, and the year-round temperature is also a few degrees above the national average.

Have you planned a one day bike excursion to the island it will be highly profitable for you to buy our ONE DAY BIKE TOUR.Old houses were rebuilt, but also new, larger houses were erected in styles owing much to traditions from Funen, northern Germany and the duchy of Schleswig-Holstein, under which Ærø was incorporated until 1864, when Ærø was separate from Schleswig. Dating seiten 2016 The town as it is today illustrates a continuous building culture that has developed over several centuries.Ærøskøbing was awarded the Europa Nostra prize in 2002.The prize is awarded by the EU as a special appreciation of looking after cultural heritage.

Dating d Ærø

In the old part of the town are many fine examples of the work of skilled bricklayers, carpenters, and blacksmiths.Behind the idyllic façade of the town is a live and active town that has solved successive generations' housing needs for centuries.The town windmill (of Dutch origin from 1848) has become a landmark for the town, and is approached from the south by the main road. dating d Ærø-51dating d Ærø-12dating d Ærø-9 ) is one of the Danish Baltic Sea islands, and part of the Southern Denmark Region.Before that date, there were two municipalities on the island: Ærøskøbing Kommune in the west and Marstal Kommune in the east.

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