Dating på nettet Stevns

The steering group is complemented by a local organization with a board of directors, a secretariat supported by a Director and Site Manager, and two standing committees (a local reference group and a scientific reference group).

There is strong community support for the nomination, and a co-management approach with a range of partners including local government, the local museum, NGOs and private sector interests.

dating på nettet Stevns

The fossil record shows which taxa became extinct and which survived and reveals the tempo and mode of evolution of the succeeding post impact fauna that diversified to the marine fauna of today, thus providing important context for the main K/T boundary layer exposed at Stevns Klint.W dolnej części odsłania miękkie warstwy kredy z poziomymi wkładkami ciemnych buł krzemiennych, a w górnej płytowe wapienie danu (odporniejsze), tworzące przewieszkę pond kredą erodowaną przez Morze Bałtyckie. gay kontakte Würzburg W głąb morza rozciąga się biała, kredowa platforma abrazyjna, ponad którą Bałtyk przybiera barwę malachitową.This geological site comprises a 15 km-long fossil-rich coastal cliff, offering exceptional evidence of the impact of the Chicxulub meteorite that crashed into the planet at the end of the Cretaceous, about 65 million years ago.Researchers think that this caused the most remarkable mass extinction ever, responsible for the disappearance of over 50 per cent of all life on Earth.

Dating på nettet Stevns

The property has further iconic scientific importance due to its association with the radical theory for asteroid driven extinction developed through the seminal work of Walter and Luis W Alvarez, with their co-workers.Stevns Klint is highly significant in terms of its past, present and future contribution to science, and makes these values accessible to the wider global community as a whole.Klif posiada wysokość 40 metrów i wznosi się nad plażą pomiędzy zatokami Køge i Fakse na południowym wschodzie Zelandii. dating på nettet Stevns-4 Wyerodowany jest w kredzie senońskiej i wapieniach danu, budujących przykryty moreną płaskowyż Stevns (klif podcina go na przestrzeni około 15 km).Boundaries along the cliff address and accommodate the natural erosion processes of the sea, and include the beach area where eroded blocks fall as natural erosion progresses.

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The landward and seaward buffer areas are adequate.

The inclusion of these areas enhances opportunities for visitor services and interpretation and supports further understanding related to the three dimensions of the paleo-seascape.

These anthropogenic features, based on calculated rates of sea level rise and planned coastal management strategies, are durable as accessible exposures for hundreds of years.

A specific organizational structure for management of the property has been designed to support management needed following inscription on the World Heritage list.

The site is governed and managed through a steering group with representation from state, regional governments, and landowners including private (majority of the nominated property is privately owned) and public.

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