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He would spend a lot of time in the grand Musee des Arts et Metiers, where he would get lost in every detail of pacesetting new technologies like steam power, electricity, photographic film, telecommunications and the phonograph.

Nicholas-Joesph Cugnot’s steam engine always caught his attention and left a lasting impression on the young boy.

The two fell in love and eventually tied the nuptial knot in the year 1855.

dating portal test Remscheid

It was in Paris that he met Elise, daughter of a prosperous merchant from Augsburg.He was not allowed to bring his friends at home as his father did not approve of him mixing with other children.The discipline enforced by his father proved to be too authoritarian and drove Rudolf into a shell.The small family was going through happy times and within a span of two years, Elise and Theodor became proud parents of a bonny baby boy, Rudolf Diesel, on 18th March, 1858.Theodor’s business was booming and the family moved into a double-story apartment in rue de la Fontaine au Roi where Elise and Theodor had an addition to their family, a daughter named Emma in the year 1859.

Dating portal test Remscheid

The family was struck hard financially; they managed to find a job for Lousie at a private school.Rudolf was enrolled at a local school in London and continued to receive education.The salesman asked me, “Madam, which car would you prefer the one with a diesel engine or a petrol engine?? dating portal test Remscheid-44dating portal test Remscheid-66 ” For a layman like me, an engine is a piece of metal, just black or brown in colour which makes the vehicle go zoom.Let us explore each sequence of his unique discovery that gave the world a truly dynamic engine bearing his name, ‘DIESEL ENGINE’.

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Theodor Diesel, a young man in his twenties had migrated from Augsburg, Germany to Paris in France in the year 1848.

Theodor successfully established his small business of manufacturing leather in the downstairs of his apartment and worked from dawn to dusk and six days a week.

As a young child, Rudolf was very observant and had a questioning mind.

His curious and observant nature drove him to visit the British Museum and South Kensington Museum which exhibited scientific and engineering components which highly impressed him.

However Rudolf’s stay in London was short lived as his father’s cousin Betty Barnickel offered to take Rudolf to her house at Augsburg, Germany.

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