Dating service Erfurt

The Fischmarkt is located at the historical intersection where the "via regia" (the Royal Road) met the old north-south trading route.

Besides the town-hall, there are several beautiful Renaissance houses in the same area such as the "Haus zum roten Ochsen" (1562) and the "Haus zum Breiten Herd" (1584) as well as a statue of St. The statue was nicknamed "Roland" by the people of Erfurt.

dating service Erfurt

The cathedral contains many noteworthy art treasures that have been created throughout the various centuries.Inside the stairwells and the Festsaal (main function hall) there are numerous wall paintings depicting legends and scenes from the life of Luther as well as pictures illustrating the history of Thuringia and Erfurt. online dating sex Jena The Festsaal is frequently used as a venue for concerts, lectures and receptions.A wide and impressive open-air stairway leads up from the market square to the cathedral itself and to the Church of St.Severus (1278 - 1400), which contains the sarcophagus of St. Around the Cathedral Square there are many historical buildings which survived numerous city fires as well as an artillery attack in 1813.

Dating service Erfurt

The "Grüne Apotheke" (18th century) and the "Haus zur hohen Lilie" (1538) are two fine examples of the buildings in this area.The entrance to "Marktstrasse", which formed one axis of the "via regia" (the Royal Route) and thus became an ideal point of congregation for traders, is situated on the east side of the extensive cathedral square.The western part of the Baroque façade together with the official portal is of great architectural interest. It was also here that the historical meeting between Napoleon and Goethe took place.Guests who came to this house included Schiller, Herder, W. The Krämerbrücke / Merchants’ Bridge is Erfurt’s most interesting example of secular architecture.

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This arched stone bridge was constructed in 1325 over the river Gera where the original ford was located along the "via regia" trading route.There is also "collegium maius", the main building of the old university. 39 the main buildings of the university have been located.The collegium majus was destroyed in the 1945 bombing and was re-erected in 1999.The Krämerbrücke is the only bridge north of the Alps to be built over entirely with houses that are still used as residences.In medieval times there were two churches built at either end of the bridge, one of which, the Ägidienkirche, is still in existence.

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