En dating Samsø

Samsø (Anglicized: "Samso" or "Samsoe") is a Danish island in the Kattegat 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) off the Jutland Peninsula. The community has 3,724 inhabitants (2017) (January 2010:4,010) called Samsings and is 114 km² in area.Due to its central location, the island was used during the Viking Age as a meeting place. The island is popular among French, Welsh and Irish people for strawberry picking during the months of June and July every year.Issehoved is Samsø's northernmost point and presents what have been described as a miniature of Skagens "Grenen".The small towns of Nordby, Mårup and Langør is situated on the North Island.

The island is served by a bus service which runs around the island, including the two ferry terminals in Sælvig and Ballen.In Denmark, the island is well known for its early harvest of new potatoes.The first few pounds of these potatoes usually fetch prices around £100, and are considered a great delicacy.The lagoon is separated from the sea of Kattegat by the 7 km long sandbar of Besser Rev.It is possible to walk on the reef all the way to the tip at low tide (ebb), except when the birds are breeding here.

En dating Samsø

In the summer months (17 June to 22 August) the old wooden freight-ship M/S Tunø, ferry passengers back and forth from here to the island of Tunø just west of Samsø, two days a week.Other two days of the week, the same boat is offering seal-safaris from Langør at Stavns Fjord.At its narrowest place, a canal has been dug across the island.The canal is about 500 m long and 11 m wide and could in its time be navigated by vessels with a draught of up to 1 m.It comprise farming of a large variety of vegetables, grains and fruits, livestock meat and products (lambs, sheep, yarn, cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, eggs), a dairy, a brewery, restaurants and cafés, candy production, permaculture and forest garden experiments.

There are several plans for extending the overall ecological production and broaden the industry (a slaughterhouse, orangery, forest gardens and education), with a wish for creating more jobs and stimulate settlements on the island.

It is important to be aware of the tides, as there can be strong and dangerous currents at the reefs junction to Samsø during high tide (flow).

East of Stavns Fjord, in Kattegat, lies a group of small islands (Kyholm, Lindholm, Rumpen, Vejrø) with a couple of sandbars. The South Island is home to the seat of the mayor and Samsø's largest town Tranebjerg, but there are many other hamlets and villages (18 in all) spread across the countryside.

This battle was once famous, since it also figures in Faroese ballads, in Orvar-Odd's saga and in Hervarar saga.

According to the Hervarar saga and the Waking of Angantyr, the mounds of the slain berserkers were haunted.

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