Gay dating danmark Varde

With a few interruptions, the magazine is published until 2007 under such titles as Pan – bladet for homofile (Pan – the magazine for homophiles), Pan – bladet for bøsser og lesbiske (Pan – the magazine for gays and lesbians) and Panbladet (Pan Magazine).

It is then revived with three further issues in 2009.

The pink-triangle, that has been adopted as a symbol by homosexual organisations worldwide, had been worn on the clothing of male homosexuals in concentration camps, while lesbians wore a black triangle.

1958 Membership of Forbundet af 1948 has fallen drastically.1968 The Minister of Justice maintains that the police must intervene if two men dance together. 1969 After applying for twenty years, Forbundet af 1948 is officially registered as an association and is thereby recognised by the authorities. kontaktanzeigen frauen München The registration is under the name Landsforeningen for homofile (The National Association for Homophiles) with the secondary name of Forbundet af 1948.1950 Forbundet af 1948 holds its first AGM, and Axel Lundahl Madsen is elected president.The membership is already over 600, and the following year is close to 1,500.

Gay dating danmark Varde

1955 “The great pornography affair” means that a very large number of men are arrested and given prison sentences.Axel Lundahl Madsen is sentenced to one year in prison, and his future partner, Eigil Eskildsen (later named Eigil Axgil), is given eighteen months.As a result of the police action only very few dare to join. gay dating danmark Varde-70 1961 Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) enacts “Den Grimme Lov” (“The Ugly Law”) which criminalises relations with male “prostitutes” aged under 21, and the payment in question need be no more than a packet of cigarettes or money for a taxi home.1948 Kredsen af 1948 (The Circle of 1948) is established in the city of Aalborg (north Jutland). The man behind the idea and the driving force of the association is Axel Lundahl Madsen (later Axel Axgil).

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