Senior date Aarhus

Job Title: Senior BI Consultant and Architect Position type: Full Time Location: Aarhus, Denmark Start date: Immediately Interested Candidates should submit a completed resume and cover letter to: Michael Bisfelt, Principle BI Architect/Partner [email protected] THE ITERATORS The ITerators is a BI consultancy based in Aarhus that specializes in handling clients’ Business Intelligence value chain, both locally and globally.

The technical issues of e DNA extraction, PCR-primer design and DNA amplification within the different groups of organisms varies.The e DNA center houses state-of-the-art sequencing facilities to support participation in all types of projects involving analysis of e DNA. flirt chat kostenlos Dresden This includes identification of microorganisms, plants and animals within the boundaries of the databases and primers identified.It constitutes a great opportunity to study the role and ecology of organisms and get insight into their metabolism, function and evolutionary relationship.The fast development within the area of DNA and RNA sequencing techniques combined with the reduction in prices of sequencing analysis have strengthened the interest in wide-spread use of techniques based on e DNA for monitoring and research applications.

Senior date Aarhus

Accordingly, e DNA is used to address applied and fundamental research questions within areas ranging from molecular biology, ecology, palaeontology and environmental sciences.General objectives: to develop a strong national focal point for e DNA in environmental monitoring of the state of the environment and individual species of interest.or leftovers from an organisms such as hair, feces or carcasses.e DNA is an efficient, non-invasive and easy-to-standardize sampling approach with great potential as a monitoring tool for wildlife.This method uses either universal primers that amplify DNA from a group of target species (e.g.

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