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Cities such as Copenhagen, Århus and Frederikshavn offer free city bikes; you just pay a 20kr (£2) deposit.

In addition, the country maintains 11 long-distance national routes across 10,000km of coastal lanes and forested paths.

The Jutland peninsula, sprouting up from Germany, is complemented by an archipelago of pretty islands linked by road, rail or ferry – with the human-scale capital, Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand facing across to Sweden.

You can find Blue Flag beaches, Michelin-starred bistros and scores of sunny spots to snuggle up for a few days with Mother Nature.

sex dating Billund

The best Danish Viking sites include the Ladbyskibet near the Funen coast (00 45 65 32 16 67; ; daily 10am-5pm; 45kr/£5), the 10th-century underground tomb of an important Viking topranked on google and we are adverticing on many websites all over the globe. You can add Photos, video have your own online calender ,instant messages and chat! dating sider for gifte Randers The "world's happiest country" (according to at least one survey) is also one of Europe's most alluring summer hideaways.It is noted for the mathematical precision of its construction. In Jelling's church in Jutland you can visit the Jelling stones, titantic-sized runic stones erected more than 1,000 years ago by King Gorm the Old; one displays the first written mention of the nation called "Danmark".The most evocative of Viking finds, however, are the restorations of five massive longboats dating from 1025 to 1336, on view at Roskilde's Viking Ship Museum (00 45 46 30 02 00; ; daily 10am-5pm; 95kr/£11).

Sex dating Billund

Two wheels good Cycling is the best way to explore Denmark, as the numbers testify: for every five Danes there is one car but four bikes.The reasons are easy to see: Denmark is both small (260km from one end to the other) and flat (the highest peak is just 173m).South-west on Funen is the fairy-tale Egeskov Slot (00 45 62 27 10 16; ; 10am-7pm), a 15th-century castle built on a bed of thousands of oak timbers and surrounded by a moat and dazzling English gardens.The Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille aristocrats still reside here but they open their doors in summer for the princely sum of 185kr (£21). "New Nordic Cuisine" is at once experimental and back-to-basics, souping up Scandinavian palates with ingredients such as musk ox, wild fowl, local seaweed and Greenland-grown berries and wild flowers.The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (00 45 33 41 81 41; ), Denmark's finest art gallery, with Picassos and Rodins, has free admission on Sundays.

And Copenhagen's hippie enclave, Christiania, with its lovely DIY homes, murals and summer concerts, is free in every way.Carlsberg is possibly not the best beer in Denmark as there are some excellent microbrews.Brøckhouse IPA is a strong and hoppy pale ale, Ølfabriken Porterhouse is a traditional stout and Hancock Old Gambrinus Dark is a heavy lager that, despite a strength of 9.5 per cent, doesn't taste nearly that alcoholic.Copenhagen's Noma (00 45 32 96 32 97; ) has just been named the third-best restaurant in the world (behind the Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, and El Bulli in Spain) by a panel of 800 chefs and critics.Provocative head chef René Redzepi makes his own salt and serves a beef tartare you're meant to eat with your hands.

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