Single chamber flowmaster ls1

Hooker had headers for nearly anyone that could benefit from the mileage and performance improvements seen from un-corking your exhaust.

Hooker also became famous for engine swap headers for those swapping a big block into a Vega, or maybe a small block Chevy into a Jeep.

The famous Hooker heart logo is among the most recognized in the performance aftermarket.Famed racers such as Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, Bob Glidden and Sox & Martin were regulars in Hooker publicity campaigns.Hooker straight-thru glass pack mufflers were also launched in the early '70s, known as the "Hookermuffler".Hooker still holds tight to the claim of the winningest header in drag racing history.Hooker still leads the way in design and technology with products like engine swap headers for putting a late model LS engine into early iron.

Single chamber flowmaster ls1

If they say it will work for your vehicle, it will probably work for your vehicle. We’ve got an easy-to-read exhaust system size table that is good for quick calculations.While we’re not going to go through and list out all the formulas and calculations you need to figure this , we will break down the problem, explain how you would go about figuring things out scientifically, and then leave you with some good quick-and-dirty exhaust system math as well as some interesting links. 1) Mass of air that the engine breathes in mass of fuel = mass of exhaust gases Conservation of mass, right?The '90s also saw the development of the Aerochamber Muffler; the most advanced muffler of its time. Single chamber flowmaster ls1-76Single chamber flowmaster ls1-23 It is still the most advanced muffler on the market.Slogans such as "Hooker - When Only The Best Will Do" or Hooker Headers - Do It Right The 1st Time" were often used.

In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s Hooker dominated the drag race scene with nearly all NHRA® Pro Stock (Super Stock) racers winning with Hooker Headers.

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2) To calculate the volume of air the engine takes in, we multiply the displacement of the engine by the engine RPM and then divide by two (it takes two full revolutions for the engine to exhaust it’s entire air volume). 3) To make the calculations easy, you want to assume that combustion is perfect, i.e.

there aren’t any byproducts, any unburned fuel, etc.

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