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Sufjan Stevens is a singer-songwriter currently living in New York City.

A preoccupation with epic concepts has motivated two state records (Michigan & Illinois), a collection of sacred and biblical songs (Seven Swans), an electronic album for the animals of the Chinese zodiac (Enjoy Your Rabbit), two Christmas box sets (Songs for Christmas, vol. 6-10), and a programmatic tone poem for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (The BQE).

In 2010 Sufjan released an expansive EP (All Delighted People) and the full length The Age of Adz, a collection of songs partly inspired by the outsider artist Royal Robertson.

The stresses of his newfound work and his hard-partying lifestyle took an additional toll on his health, and by 1968 he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.Along with his adherence to his newfound religion, Stevens mandated that he would no longer record secular music.The following year, A&M Records released , a backlog of previously recorded tracks. In September of 1979, Stevens entered into an arranged marriage with Fawzia Ali, and founded a Muslim school near London.The combination of the two religious influences helped him develop a strong moral conscience, and provided an anti-Muslim slant to his upbringing.At the age of eight, Stevens' parents divorced but continued to cohabitate.

Single dating Stevns

As a result, Stevens' music was largely removed from the airwaves in the United States and he was blacklisted from the music industry.In the mid-90s, Stevens began to release albums of spiritual lectures and Islamic-themed music.For the most part, he lived a quiet life devoted to his family and faith, and wasn't heard from until the late 80s. single dating Stevns-72 In 1989, Stevens claims he was misrepresented as supporting the death sentence for exiled novelist Salman Rushdie.The 1970 single "Wild World" made him a star in the Folk singer, songwriter.

Born Stephen Demetre Georgiou on July 21, 1948, in London, England as the youngest of three children.A three-month stint in the hospital (and a lengthy convalescence) gave Stevens time to reflect on his chosen path and reevaluate his approach to life.Although Stevens had experienced success overseas, the American release of (1970) and the single "Wild World" made Stevens a true star in the U. The album went gold, and brought a renewed interest to his previous recordings, which enjoyed a similar spike in sales.According to Stevens, a wave pushed him to shore as if in answer to his prayers.Soon after this brush with mortality, Stevens' brother gave him with a copy of the Koran as a birthday present. In 1977, Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam and converted to the Muslim faith.

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