Single Haderslev

Learning from them that Bredevad had been taken, the platoon retreated to the north-east via secondary roads.

As the Danish forces at Søgaard army camp were preparing to pull back north to Vejle where the main force of the Jutland Division was preparing for battle, a short skirmish developed at Aabenraa as the anti-tank platoon from Lundtoftbjerg attacked the 15 or so pursuing German vehicles.

The Germans set up a 37 mm gun 300 meters away, but it only managed to fire one round before being knocked out by two rounds from a 20mm gun. Clausen the motorcycle troops set up a roadblock with two 20 mm guns while the remaining platoons spread themselves out in the woods. Their tanks pushed the roadblock aside and opened fire. The gunner attempted to run for cover in the woods but was killed when a German aircraft strafed the road. The Danes tried to escape on motorcycles In an encounter between Danish and German forces at Bredevad, 10 km north of the border, a German vanguard of four armoured cars approached the village. Not even having time to build a roadblock, they took cover in a garden and opened fire.The Luftwaffe high command was in favour of occupying Denmark in order to extend the German air-defence network northwards, making it harder for British bombers to outflank the system from the north when attacking cities in Germany. dating seite gratis Hannover Additionally, the Norwegian fjords also provided excellent bases for German submarines to attack in the North Atlantic.The purpose was mainly to secure the iron ore shipping from Narvik.In order to capture Norway, the Germans had to control the airfield outside Aalborg in northern Jutland.

Single Haderslev

Haderslev had a garrison of 225 men of the Jutland Division under Colonel A.Hartz, which defended both the barracks in the town and the road leading into it.Hvorfor er to modne musikere, efter omkring 40 år i musikbranchen, stadig på banen?- Fordi de elsker det og fordi de spiller og synger den musik de fleste kender og gerne vil høre igen og igen.Fire from the armoured cars and strafing fighter aircraft forced the Danes to retreat, and a third of the men were captured.

The Germans lost two armoured cars and three motorcycles, while the Danes suffered one dead and one wounded.Seven kilometers north of Lundtoftbjerg, one motorcycle and two bicycle platoons arrived at Bjergskov at around . A machine gun and a 20 mm cannon manned by one and a half platoons fired warning shots.Ignored by the Germans, the Danes then opened fire from 300 meters out, knocking out the lead armoured car and killing its driver. The Danes knocked out three more German armoured cars and suffered four casualties.All that was available to meet the land invasion were small and scattered units of the frontier guard and elements of the Jutland division.Believing attack was imminent, the troops were placed on full alert at on 8 April.

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