Single party hildesheim 2013

Having said that, the range of attractions within Hamburg is of course not limited to the musical area. Michael's Church in the southern Neustadt is one of Hamburg’s finest landmarks.

Its observation deck is located 106 meters above sea level, thus offering a unique view of the hanseatic city itself, the harbour and Hamburg’s surrounding area.

Single party hildesheim 2013

Gegenüber der Festsaal; für Hochzeiten, Weihnachtsfeiern, Vorträge, Tagungen, Lesungen, Konzerte, Theateraufführungen, etc..Whether it’s bars or nightclubs, here you can find them all aligned side by side.An annual highlight is the Reeperbahn Festival, Germany's biggest club-festival, taking place at the end of September.Via shipping routes the port itself is connected to over 900 international ports in more than 170 countries.One of its most popular events is the fish-market, which takes place every Sunday from 5 am (during winter-months from 7 am) to am.

Single party hildesheim 2013

Bei Festlichkeiten ab 20 Personen ist ein Sektempfang inbegriffen.Unsere Standard-Pauschale für alkoholfreie Getränke, Biere, Biermischgetränke, Prosecco & Wein beträgt 28,- €/Person.Volksparkstadion: The football stadium is located at Volkspark Altona in Bahrenfeld.The stadium tas a capacity of 57,000 seats and hosts matches of the World cup and concerts e.g. Barclaycard Arena: Not only events can be of excellent quality, but also the venues themselves, as the Hamburg Barclaycard Arena demonstrates, for in 2012 it received a "Live Entertainment Award" (LEA) in the category "Location of the Year". With up to 16,000 seats, the multi-purpose arena in the quarter of Bahrenfeld offers room for shows, concerts and sports like APASSIONATA, Adele, Janet Jackson, 5 Seconds of Summer, Muse and David Garrett.Die Taverne im Untergeschoss ist optimal für Partys / Geburtstagspartys & Live Konzerte mit 60-200 Personen. Gern beraten wir Sie unverbindlich; unterbreiten ein entsprechendes Angebot.

The largest port in Germany, more than 60 theaters and just as many museums – Hamburg, Germanys second-largest city, has a lot to offer.

Nowadays, the beautiful building – situated in the center of Hamburg – is one of the most renowned opera institutions worldwide and can accommodate up to nearly 1,700 opera fans.

Sporthalle: Until the opening of the o2 World, the Sporthalle in northern Hamburg was the main venue for events in the city.

Speicherstadt: This is the world's largest continuous complex of warehouses, built on oak piles and intersected by canals, the so-called "Fleeten".

Nowadays the Speicherstadt is listed and can only be traveled by ship as part of a large tour through the port of Hamburg.

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