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Oskar Schindler (28 April 1908 – 9 October 1974) was a German industrialist, spy, and member of the Nazi Party who is credited with saving the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his enamelware and ammunitions factories, which were located in occupied Poland and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Many were killed in Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen concentration camp.He was named Righteous Among the Nations by the Israeli government in 1963.He died on 9 October 1974 in Hildesheim, Germany, and was buried in Jerusalem on Mount Zion, the only member of the Nazi Party to be honoured in this way.Emilie helped him with paperwork, processing and hiding secret documents in their apartment for the Abwehr office.Schindler first arrived in Kraków in October 1939 on Abwehr business and took an apartment the following month.

Single party suhl

Also around this time he had an affair with Aurelie Schlegel, a school friend.She bore him a daughter, Emily, in 1933, and a son, Oskar Jr, in 1935. Although he was a citizen of Czechoslovakia, Schindler became a spy for the Abwehr, the intelligence service of Nazi Germany, in 1936.Schindler continued to collect information for the Nazis, working in Poland in 1939 before the invasion of Poland at the start of World War II.In 1939, Schindler acquired an enamelware factory in Kraków, Poland, which employed about 1,750 workers, of whom 1,000 were Jews at the factory's peak in 1944.A fan of motorcycles since his youth, Schindler bought a 250-cc Moto Guzzi racing motorcycle and competed recreationally in mountain races for the next few years.

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Soon after his marriage, Schindler quit working for his father and took a series of jobs, including a position at Moravian Electrotechnic and the management of a driving school.He was assigned to Abwehrstelle II Commando VIII, based in Breslau.His tasks for the Abwehr included collecting information on railways, military installations, and troop movements, as well as recruiting other spies within Czechoslovakia, in advance of a planned invasion of the country by Nazi Germany.Schindler continued to bribe SS officials to prevent the execution of his workers until the end of World War II in Europe in May 1945, by which time he had spent his entire fortune on bribes and black-market purchases of supplies for his workers.Schindler moved to West Germany after the war, where he was supported by assistance payments from Jewish relief organisations.

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