Single straubing

Its Christmas markets and festivals were very colorful.

Shoot, I enjoyed it enough to go twice, and would go a third time given the chance!

The center of the boulevard served as the city marketplace and center of activity.

But unlike Traunstain's single market square, Straubing's was bisected by the distinctive Stadtturm (City Tower), shown in the first photograph.

Single straubing

Its city brochure celebrated art museums and concert halls, many of which are new and celebrate the city's long heritage.The current club, TSV Straubing, formed in 1945 out of a merger of TV Jahn and FC, first appeared in the upper reaches of Bavarian football in 1946, when a regional Niederbayern title earned it promotion to the Landesliga Bayern (II).TSV became part of the southern division of this league, where it played for two seasons as a mid-table side.As the Danube bent away from Straubing, we saw the old palace, a sprawling white stone building with the residence above and guard towers below.The major of the building was plain white, leaving the facade (third photo) as the only colorfully decorated part.

Single straubing

The TSV Straubing was a German association football club from the city of Straubing, Bavaria.The club achieved notability by playing in the second division from 1950 to 1961.The Danube was leveed to help stem the floods, but because of all the old residences built nearby there was little more that could be done to channel any rising waters. Single straubing-11 The top of the levees were so wide that walking paths and benches dotted the way (much like I saw in other Danube cities like Szentendre, Hungary.The city had become sprawling and industrialized, and seemed to have become a "suburb" of Regensburg only a half-hour to the west.

Modern apartments and post-WWII factories followed the train tracks for quite a ways.

Unfortunately, for both my visits there, the Cathedral was under renovation which meant that the lighting was poor so I could not produce a good photograph of the interior. We walked down toward the Danube past a secondary market street and an old monastery.

The cobblestone road dropped steeply down to the banks, mostly owned by the city park due to the occasional Danube floods (such as were experienced in summer 2003).

TSV Straubing was also the parent club of what is now the Straubing Tigers in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, which split from the TSV in 1981.

The club was formed as a gymnastics club in 1861, under the name of TV Jahn Straubing.

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