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Yesterday, I started on the American servers from scratch. a very different and interesting way of Hearthstone after being used to just build any deck on EU without having to worry about cards. I dusted every non-mage card out of the few packs you get after starting and took it from there.

Even though it doesn't look like much, the result is surprisingly solid and within 24 hours I went from nothing to rank 16 with a few impressive winning streaks. Put down your cheap minions and use spells to help clearing the board.

singlebörse kostenlos Rostock

Elven Archer, Acidic Swamp Ooze, and Razorfen Hunter come to mind for the 1/2/3 mana slot.Namely your little minions, cheaper spells, and of course your hero power. If you can afford a 2nd Blizzard, then replace 1 Flamestrike with it. I know that this deck isn't all that revolutionary.AE doesn't do much once you reach the endgame, but a "freeze all" plus the 2 (3? I strongly suggest to build and include those 2 Blizzards as soon as you have the required dust. For 1 mana more you get a lot more bang for your buck. It requires the Naxx addon and if you have it, then go ahead and change the deck accordingly. I know that you won't sail straight through to legendary with it.You still may want to consider keeping it in your starting hand. It's your only way to safely kill his Northshire Cleric before turn 5, which needs to be done or she'll ruin your early game by pinging your low minions to death and also drawing a few cards in the process.This guy has been MVP in my team more often than any other card. In case I didn't make my point yet: It's REALLY important to keep a Frostbolt, unless it's the Naxx Priest variant with Undertaker and the usual other suspects that won't give him a lot of free mana to heal up. So expect the worst and gear up for that darn Cleric!

Singlebörse kostenlos Rostock

I'll continue with this deck until I finally get the dust for Bloodmage Thalnos. Reach 4 mana and start putting out your midrange minions. Don't ever drop it just because it might do 2 damage next turn.Use your bigger spells to clear the opponent's side, while your guys go face. ^^ Points to consider for some of the cards: Mana Wyrm: Your dream start! Don't hold it back until you draw some spells to boost it. Drop it and watch your opponent waste some removal spell on it. Ironbeak Owl: Look at it as a Silence spell with a built-in 2/1 creature. The 2 mana are much better used for your hero power in his face.You always get value from the gnomes, even if they only last one turn. It's the class this deck fears most up to a point where conceding after a poor mulligan is the best option.Also, after buying packs and selling the cards I didn't find useful for a while I finally got enough dust for bloodmage thalnos and two blizzards (yay! I replaced one arcane explosion and one flamestrike with the blizzards as you said (got rid of the pyroblast) and I replaced the other arcane explosion with a flamecannon (not entirely sure about this change yet). picture it in your starting hand in the next match! :( I don't play this deck often enough to derive a meaningful ranking info from that.But I also know that it can beat any deck out there even without that "perfect draw".

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